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Intensive in-class instruction from successful entrepreneur instructors.

Individualized mentorship from instructors in person and by video call and email.

Preparation for meetings with angel investors, seed funds, and venture capitalists.


Tuition Cost

Tuition for Startup Ignition is less than a single semester at most universities. For the tuition amount you receive 3 days of instruction, 3 months of mentoring, and lifetime access to the SI community.

Once you have been accepted into our courses, the first step is to make your intial deposit. This will reserve your seat and give you access to our pre-course materials. By the first day of class, you are expected to pay the remaining balance of the tuition for your course.

Why is Startup Ignition tuition priced the way it is?

Our program is an exceptional, accelerated education. Instead of the fluff of a normal 4-year degree, our students experience real know how in a hands-on curriculum. Our instructors are real entrepreneurs who have had real success and know how to steer fellow founders on the same path. Startup Ignition is always investing back into our entrepreneurs and program by creating curriculum and finding only the best instructors to teach our courses.

Are scholarships available?

While we currently do not offer scholarships directly, some of our partners and sponsors have graciously donated various scholarships for Startup Ignition students. See our Scholarships page to see a list of currently available scholarships.

Are there loan or payment plan options?

In terms of student loans, we have not been able to jump through the necessary bureaucratic hoops to qualify for federal or state subsidized education programs. However, students may be successful in procuring personal loans to finance the cost of tuition on their own. Other students may be successful in online fundraising campaigns. We do not, however, encourage students to go into exorbitant debt to attend Startup Ignition.

We understand these courses are expensive and money can be tight, so we do offer payment plans on a case by case basis. To inquire about a possible payment plan, please email us.

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