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What is Startup Ignition?

Startup Ignition is an entrepreneur bootcamp, including actual implementation of learned tools and skills, that prepares entrepreneurs, founders, and teams to properly launch a company and take the right steps towards mitigating risk and increasing success. We enable our students by removing the fluff from traditional, out-dated programs, and delivering an intense and impactful suite of results-driven curriculum.

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Riley Nelson
Cohort 5 Student

I had two tremendous outcomes from Startup Ignition. 1) I was able to invalidate my idea (which I thought was going to make me rich) saving me a ton of time and money. 2) I learned that entrepreneurship can be taught and that there are tried and true processes and procedures that can increase your likelihood of success.

Miguel Ramos
Cohort 16 Student

I can not say enough about Startup Ignition. The instruction is top notch. There is real practical startup informaiton shared. I think this is because everyone involved have been there and done it. I would say that Startup Ignition knows what they are doing and there is no better startup information available. I am where I am at because of SI!

Chris Claflin
Cohort 1 Student

The world of entrepreneurship, business and success in general is full of cliches, motivational quotes, success gurus and "how to" books. Unfortunately no amount of motivation, hard work, dedication or persistence will bring results unless an individual or business knows where to focus their efforts and what activities and mistakes to avoid. Startup Ignition is a road map that reveals to an entrepreneur where to unleash their passion and assert their efforts to get real results.

Bryson C. Hill
Cohort 6 Student

Startup Ignition gives you, as an aspiring or experienced Entreprenuer, the foundation, consolidated knowledge, and connections to make sure your venture is successful. If you are doubting whether or not to apply, do it. Take it from me, Startup Ignition gives the willing entrepreneur the tools to succeed.

Lars Hamilton
Cohort 1 Student

Startup Ignition is the opportunity of a lifetime. Do not let it go by. John Richards is a wealth of knowledge that far surpasses the cost of tuition. Make sure you have the time to dedicate to the course and your business ideas. This evening course is no part-time gig. It really requires about 35+ hours a week to get the full value from it. That said, just the access to John as a mentor and his years of experience is invaluable. The class is inspiring and I only wish I could attend the next cohort as well to absorb more of the fire-hose of knowledge.

Robb Kunz
CEO/Founding Partner

If you go through Startup Ignition, you have a higher probability of getting accepted and funded by BoomStartup, and also me!

Dan Fairbanks
Cohort 1 Student

Do it. As someone who has started a business before and made the mistakes, it's worth the cost of tuition to avoid the mistakes and learn how to do things right.

Adam Edmunds
Founder (Allegiance)

I first met John while prepping for a business plan competition. I had a good idea and some seed funding, but no clue of how to start a business. John taught me about cap tables, dealing with investors, hiring top talent, and many other crucial lessons! He saved me from myself in the early days!

Tim Anderson
GiveIt, Co-Founder
Cohort 1 Student

Most valuable education dollars I have ever spent bar none.

Dave Bateman

I've known John Richards since I was a college kid with a big vision, and an empty wallet. He's the kind of guy that's super creative and always brings a perspective that changes the way you look at things. Along with his creativity comes a wealth of experience that's made John an invaluable mentor and friend to me, and a boon to the entrepreneurial community in Utah.

Richie Stapler
2016 Student

This is by far the best startup training I have ever had. There is an incredible amount of information offered through this course that I do not believe is available anywhere else. The knowledge gained paired with the opportunity to be mentored by true experts in the field is truly invaluable.

Sid Krommenhoek, Founder

John's energy and experience have benefitted Utah's universities, incubators/accelerators, and entrepreneurs. Nearly a decade ago John was one of those who took the time to sit with us young, hungry entrepreneurs and share his insight as we were building Zinch. That level of care from someone who's done it is tremendously encouraging in a startup and I'll forever value his opinion and friendship.

James Gillette
Cohort 1 Student

I thought John Richards did a great job with helping out each student and their individual needs. He has a wealth of knowledge to share...and has a great way of demonstrating that knowledge in class. I always felt accommodated for in our private meetings and reassured that I was making progress.

Joe Wilson, Founder

There are so many details when you're starting a company. Having someone like John offer mentorship and advice is invaluable. From the small details to the big decisions, I'm glad John is available to share his knowledge and experience.

Who Should Apply?

Startup Ignition entrepreneurship bootcamp is aimed at anyone wanting to quickly assimilate the knowledge and practical "how-to" side of early-stage entrepreneurship. These may include:

Those who want to learn about real entrepreneurship from the ground up

Technologists who want to understand the business side of entrepreneurship

Students at a university wanting to rid of the fluff and get to the meat faster

Non-students who want the education but don't have the time for a 4-year degree

Entrepreneurs who want to launch their own company quickly and successfully

Founders who simply can not seem to make it work with their current situation

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